Friday, October 7, 2016


During my travels this year I visited the Grand Canyon to Witness the awesome beauty of a national landmark that everyone should visit before they die and leave this earth. I just publish a fine art photography book of some of my best work over the years. As a young man gazing through the viewfinder of my family's first film camera, I was fascinated by the ability to capture an image, a moment in time, just as I saw it in front of me. My initial fascination has only grown over the years from being my school paper photographer to continue some 25+ years consciously honing my craft. I have amassed thousands of pictures from my travels both nationally and internationally and I have selected only a few for my latest book “Witness”. My dream has always been to be a Photographer for the National Geographic Magazine and travel the world to capture never before seen pictures of the wonders of this planted. I hope you enjoy my fine art coffee table book as much as I enjoy designing it. If you do find yourself enjoying all the special moments I have taken in time, then I encourage you to buy this book for not only yourself, but for your family, friends and business associates as the perfect gift for all occasions.

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Today I decided to take a free fall at the Grand Canyon where water had carved through the canyon walls for Millions of years. If you have ...